Teepao RSIM 12 Newest 2018 R-SIM Nano Unlock Card, R-SIM 12 Smart 4G Card Unlock Card Adapter Converter Kits with Tools For IPhoneX 8P 8 7P 7 6SP 6P 6S 6 5C 5S 5


  • ➤ GOOD NEWS: The 10th perfect 20-digit ICCID activation code was: 89014104277806049486
  • ➤ Since RSIM1 generation to 12 generations, from the unlock function performance is an ordinary card stick incomparable
  • ➤ R sim 12 work fori os 11 ,10.x for iPhoneX,iphone 8,8PLUS 7,7plus
  • ➤ R-SIM 12 4G New ICCID loophole to unlock
  • ➤ This amazing R-Sim12 will unlock iPhone to any GSM carrier worldwide. (NOT for CDMA sim card like Sprint and Verizon)

Product description



-Blacklisted by the Carrier (If blacklisted by carrier, you might only get “No Service”

-Not Work for Sprint Or any CDMA Phone

Unlock 4G tutorial: for iphone6s/6splus/se/7/7plus

Method 1:

1: Card + phone card inserted into the phone – mobile phone to activate – press the HOME button to click on the emergency call – enter: * 5005 * 7672 * 0 # dial – after jumping out of the menu, select the operator – select 6/6S dedicated unlock mode – after Turn off the phone and wait for 10 seconds to restart – continue to activate the phone – perfect (network display 4G or LTE collectively referred to as 4G)

Method 2:

1: Card + phone card inserted into the phone – after the mobile phone is activated – press the HOME button to click on the emergency call – enter: *5005*7672*0# dial – select the operator after exiting the menu, then select the TMSI unlock mode and then accept the phone Turn off and wait for 10 seconds after rebooting

No service solution: Remove the phone card and card, phone alone into the phone card, etc. 4G appears in the upper left corner, then the emergency call 112, hang up, remove the phone card, and then quickly insert the phone card and the card has been set into the phone waiting Signals

No service solution: Please insert a phone card into the phone, the phone prompts you need to activate, you ignore the wifi, use mobile phone to activate the phone. When you are prompted that the SIM card is invalid, then put the card and phone card into the phone to wait for the signal)

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