The Position of Buddhism Between the “Determination” and “Free Will”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really free or not. To answer the question, is there any need to understand about “truth” and the issue of liberty. Is my choice free or not determined by external factors? When I choose a different path, am I also responsible for my own actions? There are some interpretations about where the book stands free will and the free will of others our actions.

Determination is often referred to as a determined will. While Free will often be interpreted free will. The Determination theory suggests that, human behavior is like a physical object determined by external factors. Determination states that everything has a cause, there is no such thing as all human actions are caused by external factors. Man is like any other living being, entering into the world of nature and also subject to the causal of law of the universe. If humans have no freedom of choice, then there will be no meaning in this life. Humans will like mechanical machines enslaved under the command of external and internal factors.

The Free Theory will state that man in freedom has free will, whereby man is none other who determines himself and is responsible for his personality. Free will often be interpreted free to choose his own happiness. Free does not mean there is no morality. Morality is concerned with what people should and should not do. The result, humans are responsible for the actions taken, here there is no “God”.

Buddhism is an ethical religion. Therefore, the approach to the problem of free will is from an ethical point of view. Every human being has a will to choose between morally good and true. Buddhism accepts free will of examination and research (Ehipassiko). The issue of free will is a matter of moral responsibility. Buddhism reminds its followers to make a choice between right and wrong.

From what I really understand free will and free choice exist in our lives. Of course, we are determined by external and internal factors, but this does not show we cannot make a change according to ourselves. We are all born in different races, genders, cultures, and nations. With a lot of human experience can shape his personality. The free will which we must take “responsibility” for ourselves. If we can learn from past experiences and find ways to move forward in life, then we really are free will and free choice.

In this life I feel totally free and not. If there is no rule of thumb I may interpret it as freedom, but it is really free, for example: when someone rides a motorcycle, he can make a choice not to use a helmet, but in freedom of choice that is not guaranteed the person’s safety, thus free will whose purpose is not merely free and we must take responsibility for ourselves. Free will does not mean no morality, but one can determine its own happiness and can choose is good and right. Of human beings have the will to choose human beings as well as other living beings, enter into the natural world and also access to the causal nature of the universe. We are free to choose our own happiness and we also cannot be separated from the laws of nature.

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