hernia surgery experience

Hernia Surgery Experience

Hernia surgery experience briefly can provide a good experience to me as well as the reader about the hernia and how to treat it became the basis this article writing

Hernia Surgery Experience

hernia surgery experience
hernia surgery experience

This is my experience when I meet with people who suffer / have a hernia. She was just ordinary as any other normal person, but the pain was coming. When I ask, she says, “For months, I experienced pain during my girly cycle changes (ovulating), when my bladder was full, when I had to urinate, and sometimes when adults got married. I came to accept it as something my body did. A side-effect of all the changes that happened from having a baby, make my tube bound, etc. However, one day the sickness came and did not disappear “. That’s how she said when we chatted together.

After that, she said that what she found was a pain two inches below the navel. She finally contacted the doctor also tried to find via the internet. After a chance and examined by a doctor, she is advised to perform operation / surgery. The operation itself took an hour or two. I do not really know because I am very asleep. The surgeon told me after the incision, she turned my navel and fixed the hernia. She said he also took out my appendix and only needed three incisions.

If you ever feel nauseated after doing anesthesia they will give you well good medicine to prevent it. The last thing you want to do is throw up when there is a stitch in the navel. Standing, and sitting, there is generally a fairly painful position change. They gave me a small pillow to hold my stomach whenever I moved, and it became my security blanket. (With a larger hernia they often give you a binder to wear).

In addition, she is also a member of advice for patients with hernia after surgery, which is as follows:

  • Having plenty of ice in hand, or ice packs, is helpful.
  • Have plenty of pillows on your bed, feeling comfortable is a challenge.
  • Ask someone to help you maneuver, move harder then.
  • Take your pain pills. You might think you’re tough, but there’s no reason to send that pain.
  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Nothing will make you feel better than rest. Make sure you have enough help so you can rest.
  • Do not be afraid of a doctor if you have problems or questions, call, better.
  • Take care of yourself when you have to drop your bandages. It’s horrible, scary, and there will not be any hair left in your body. However, once you know, you will be fine.

She can get out of bed and go to the bathroom about three days. It’s still painful, but shecan do it. Ten days, she feels like her again. The pain around the incision is still there, but not that bad, and the internal pain is much better. She had a mild fever every night for about three weeks. She is no longer to lift any more than 25 Kg for the month because she does not want to take risks. There was a swelling that had been a month and a half since surgery and at night she was still lying between my navel. And now six weeks later she feels better for months. With this incident she has learned without hesitation to listen physically, and become his own health advocate.

That is my delayed delay (hernia sufferer). Occasionally briefly can provide a good experience to me as well as the reader about the hernia and how to treat it.

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