Hernia Surgery Bruising

Hernia Surgery Bruising

Hernia surgery bruising provides a general description of how long it will take to recover after hernia surgery as the basis for writing this article

Hernia Surgery Bruising

Recovery after hernia repair

Hernia Surgery Bruising
Hernia Surgery Bruising

You may feel sick for the next few days. You may also feel the flu, and you may have a low fever and feel tired and nauseated. That’s common. You should feel better after a few days and will probably feel much better in seven days.

For a few weeks you may feel a pinch or pull a hernia repair as you move. You may experience some bruises on the scrotum and along the penis. This is normal. Men need to wear shorts for scrotum support for several days after improvement of an inguinal hernia.

This treatment sheet gives you an overview of how long it will take for you to recover. However, everyone recovers at different speeds. Follow the steps below to get better as quickly as possible.


Rest when you feel tired. Adequate sleep will help you recover. Try walking every day. Start by walking a little more than you did the day before. Little by little, increase the amount you live. Walking increases blood flow and helps prevent pneumonia and constipation.

Avoid strenuous activities, such as cycling, jogging, weightlifting, or aerobic exercise, until your doctor says it’s okay. Avoid lifting anything that will make you experience tension. These can include bulky wholesale bags and milk containers, heavy briefcases or backpacks, cat bags or dog food bags, vacuum cleaners, or small children.

You can drive when you are no longer taking pain medication and can quickly move your foot. You should also be able to sit comfortably for long periods of time, even if you are not planning to go far. You may be stuck in traffic.

Most people can return to work within one to two weeks after surgery. Do not take a shower for the first two weeks, or until your doctor tells you it’s okay. Your doctor will tell you when you can have sex again.


You can eat your normal food. If your stomach is uncomfortable low fat foods such as white rice, grilled chicken, toast and yogurt. Drink plenty of fluids (you should not ask).

You may notice your bowel movements are not as soon as possible after your surgery. It’s common Avoid constipation and tense with bowel movements. You may want to take fiber supplements every day. If you have not had a bowel movement after a few days, ask your doctor for a prescription.


Your doctor will tell you when and when you can restart your medicines. He will also give instructions on taking new drugs. If you thin the blood, such as warfarin (Coumadin), clopidogrel (Plavix), or aspirin, be sure to talk to your doctor. He will tell you when and when to start taking the medicine again. Make sure you understand exactly what your doctor wants you to do. Take pain medication exactly as directed. If your doctor gives you a prescription for pain, take it as prescribed. If you do not use sick prescription, take free medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), or naproxen (Aleve). Do not take two or more pain medications at the same time unless the doctor tells you to. Many pain medications have acetaminophen, namely Tylenol. Too much acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be dangerous.

If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, take them as directed. Do not stop wearing it just because you feel better. You need to take complete antibiotics. If you think your pain medication makes you sick to the stomach? Take your medication after meals (unless your doctor tells you not to). Ask your doctor about different pain medications.

Treatment of the incision

If you have a piece of tape on the piece (incision) that the doctor did, leave it for a week or until it falls. If you have staples to cover the wound, you need to visit your doctor within one to two weeks to get rid of it. Wash this area daily with warm and soapy water and pat dry.

Follow-up treatment is an important part of your care and safety. Contact your doctor or nurse if you have any problems. It is also a good idea to know your test results and keep a list of the drugs you are taking.

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