Hernia Surgery Bowel Movement

Hernia Surgery Bowel Movement

Hernia surgery bowel movement says that constipation occurs commonly after hernia surgery if not previously planned as the basis for writing this article

Hernia Surgery Bowel Movement

Hernia Surgery Bowel Movement
Hernia Surgery Bowel Movement

The first time undergoing open hernia surgery, at least know very little process. Recovery of a hernia operation proceeds as smoothly as possible. Most teenage bodies can recover from routine surgical procedures quickly as long as everything fits into the plan. However, there is one big problem that experienced the very unexpected of constipation. Doctors do not say before that constipation occurs commonly after hernia surgery if you do not plan ahead of time. Suddenly, I feel a need to defecate at night after coming home from the hospital, but cannot! It was very uncomfortable and I also had no control over my bowel movements at the time.

A year later I talked to another friend who had undergone hernia surgery a few months earlier. He described how he felt, it sounded exactly like my situation a few months earlier after a hernia operation. Constipation is very common after hernia surgery and many people who are recovering from hernia surgery experience it. Why did your doctor not tell you about before? Surgeons are usually great at performing surgery, but they do not always do a good job of communicating with patients. That’s why we want to give you nine tips on how to help you go for a bowel movement after a hernia operation.

Eliminate Constipation After Hernia Surgery

  1. Drinking water

If you experience constipation, the stool will harden and will not pass through the digestive system. Once you get back from the hospital, you should start drinking water so you can moisturize your body. In addition, while taking medication make sure you drink a glass of water full of eight ounces.

  1. Drink the prune juice

the next best liquid to drink is prune juice. Prune is very rich in fiber, that’s what helps to defecate. Prune also contains sorbitol which helps speed up the process of defecation. Be careful not to overdo it with prune juice.

  1. Eat foods rich in fiber

Eating a fiber-rich diet is something you should do every day for a healthy lifestyle. Fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts are very effective to soften impurities and improve bowel movements.

  1. Eat yogurt

Other healthy foods that you can eat to help defecate is yogurt. Yogurt has healthy bacteria that help your digestive system.

  1. Olive oil

If you have food prepared by someone, ask them to add some olive oil to whatever they make. Olive oil has healthy fats in it that will help overcome constipation. Olive oil acts as a lubricant and helps clench a hardened stool.

  1. Go for a walk

Walking short can make a miracle to help relieve constipation. Just by making your body move a bit, it can make the digestive system re-run and move the stools that harden around the abdomen.

  1. Take the stool softener

If you have read the Before Hernia Surgery article on constipation, you will know that we recommended to buying stool softeners before surgery. You should consult a doctor and make sure that you are safe to bring stool softeners.

  1. Talk to your doctor about laxatives

Laxatives are a more extreme approach to stool softeners and should consult a physician before you use them. Laxatives are effective enough to make you have a bowel movement, but have side-effects.

  1. Sit on the toilet

Sitting on the toilet? Is this really a tip? Yes! Constipation is a terrible and uncomfortable feeling, especially as you recover from hernia surgery and have little control of the stomach. However, sitting on the toilet can help trigger muscles in the body that says it’s time to defecate. Be patient, relax and forget what you are doing and let the body take care of this problem.


These are the Nine tips on how to overcome constipation after surgery. A very annoying feeling every time you experience constipation, and even worse when recovering from hernia surgery and experiencing constipation. That is why the best advice we can give is to try to prevent constipation before it begins. Make sure you eat fiber-rich foods and drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your surgery.


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