Hernia Surgery Bloating

Hernia Surgery Bloating

Hernia surgery bloating some side-effects that occur after hernia repair, such as feeling weak and tired for one to two weeks after going home (and maybe longer) as the basis for writing this article

Hernia Surgery Bloating

Hernia Surgery Bloating
Hernia Surgery Bloating

We need to know there are some side-effects that occur after making a hernia repair. You will feel weak and tired for one to two weeks after coming home from the hospital (or maybe longer). The things you need to do is to listen to the body and rest when you feel the need. In addition, you may get sick, like a sprain on your right shoulder or back. This carries the gas that continues into the stomach during surgery and will disappear within two to three days. Apply a balm / hot medicine to the shoulder and prescription drug.

Resting after undergoing a hernia repair is a step that makes you comfortable and try not to lie flat. Elevate the head into several pillows and place the pillow under the knee to increase comfort and reduce the risk of shoulder pain. Your stomach will feel swollen for about a week and you may not be able to close your pants. It will pass when the gas in the stomach is absorbed. In the meantime, you may be more comfortable wearing loose clothing. The incision channel will be the sickest. You may suffer minor injuries around one or more of your incisions. It depends on the type of hernia and may notice the bruising and swelling of the groin, the scrotum, and the penis, this is normal and will pass.


As for some steps that must be done after doing hernia repair, include:

Wound Care: In most cases, you will have three small incisions. You can remove the bandage on the day of disposal. Leave the white ‘stripes’ on the skin for the first week to repair the incision. No need to cover the incision or put antibiotic lotion on it. You may feel in the area around each incision like crushed. However, if the incision starts to red or starts to remove the fluid more than two days after surgery please contact us. A severe increase in abdominal pain, fever, shortness of breath or constant vomiting should be noted.

Bowel function: The general anesthesia you receive for surgery such as pain medication and intestinal manipulation during surgery can cause lethargic bowel activity after surgery. Time and plenty of fluids tend to help as well. It is not unusual for some patients to feel bloated or distended within the first few weeks after surgery. It is not uncommon to vomit once or twice within the first 24 hours.

Back to Job: There is no mandatory period to avoid after surgery. People who have physically demanding jobs should give them more time to recover before returning to work, (usually 10-14 days). Patients with more seated occupations or light duties may return to work after the first surgery if they wish.

Pain Control: Although there is a small incision, you have undergone a very complex operation internally. Some pain and bruising will occur in the stomach and crotch. The pain should continue to improve. Most of the pain from swelling and bruising. Drugs are helpful in controlling the pain. Drink two or three tablets every eight hours after meals for the first five days after surgery will help reduce additional pain. Of course, the drugs you drink must be with a prescription.

Activity: Normally, common sense applies to every day activities. Please stay active, but avoid yourself. It takes four to eight weeks for the healing process to be partially completed. Daily walks and light aerobic exercise are encouraged. Remember, at the time of discharge you may be “sick” but you are not “sick”. It’s okay to drive a car, walk up the stairs and go outside. The sooner people become active, the less complications they have after surgery. Avoid strenuous exercise for the first three to four days of your operation date.

Please call your doctor for any problems and to control you 10-14 days after surgery.


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