Hernia Surgery Baby Girl

Hernia surgery baby girl explains a fairly common problem one in six premature babies will experience a hernia as the basis for writing this article

Hernia Surgery Baby Girl

As a parent it may be unexpected news if her baby has been diagnosed with inguinal hernia (groin). This is a fairly common problem and one in six premature babies will have a hernia. Your baby needs surgery to repair a hernia.

Hernia Surgery Baby Girl
Hernia Surgery Baby Girl

A small hole has grown in the thigh muscle of the baby. Some of the intestine pokes out through this hole. This is a hernia. We do not know why this happens to some babies, but not to others. The intestine in the hernia usually moves in and out of the abdomen quite easily. Sometimes the intestine may get stuck in a hernia that causes clogging, and may also damage the intestine.

If this happens, emergency surgery may be needed before the bowel is damaged. About half of baby girls, hernias can also be felt in the ovaries. If this happens, the hernia will be very soft and there is a danger the baby may lose the ovaries. Surgery aims to repair a baby’s hernia to avoid complications.

The surgery is done by making a cut or incision around baby’s thighs, the hole in the muscle will be fixed with stitches and the skin is covered with stitches beneath the surface. Small bandages can be applied. Local anesthesia will also be used to kill muscles to reduce the pain the baby feels after waking up. Your baby will then wake up and return to the daycare center.

Sometimes, after anesthesia, we know that babies may experience changes in their breathing patterns for several hours. Therefore, your baby will be carefully observed for signs of apnea (irregular breathing). Milk feeds can be given immediately after your baby’s request. Usually your baby should be ready to go home the next day.

Surgery is usually very easy. However, there can also be difficulty in small babies. Wound infections can occur causing redness and discharge of pus within days of surgery and antibiotics may be necessary. Bruising in place of repair of the hernia may be marked and may cause some swelling in some infants. Usually occurs within a few days. In rare cases, the hernia may return and further surgery may be required. This can even happen within a day or two of surgery.

Although most infants have only a hernia on one side, some have a hernia on both sides at the time of surgery. If this happens to your baby, both hernias will be repaired in one operation. Some babies have only one hernia to start developing another hernia within the next two years that require subsequent surgery. Very rarely, a girl with a hernia will have multiple male chromosomes. This can have implications for subsequent life, but a blood test to look at baby chromosomes can be done to rule out this condition. It is our normal practice to perform preoperative tests and these will be discussed with you.

Your baby can be bathed as usual although the water in the wound can pierce in the first two days. If any of these dressings can be removed on five days and the nurse will arrange this for you. If there is redness or out of the wound, please seek medical advice. You can give your baby paracetamol as prescribed every six hours for 24 to 48 hours. If you have any problems please contact your doctor. We will arrange for your baby to be followed up by a doctor about six weeks after surgery.


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