Hernia Surgery Auckland

Hernia surgery Auckland describes the size of the hernia and the severity of the symptoms, the annoying bumps can be repaired by surgery as the basis for writing this article

Hernia Surgery Auckland

Hernia Surgery Auckland
Hernia Surgery Auckland

Discussing this topic, we must first understand the hernia and its types. Hernia is a bulge that occurs in the navel or groin due to tissue or intestine pushing into the gap of the abdominal muscles or groin. Hernias common in the abdomen, but can also appear in the navel, upper thighs, and groin. Here are some types of hernia in general, namely as follows:

  • Inguinal is a hernia that occurs when the intestine penetrates weak point or tear in the abdominal wall, often known as inguinalis.
  • Hiatal is a hernia that occurs when your abdomen protrudes through the diaphragm to the chest.
  • Umbilical is a type of hernia that occurs in infants under six months, occurs when the intestines twist through the abdominal wall near the navel. This usually goes away by itself when the child is one year old, but if not, surgery may be necessary to correct it.
  • The incision is a hernia that occurs after you undergo stomach surgery. The intestine can enter through scars or weak tissue around it.

Also note that these hernias can occur if you are lifting heavy loads, smoking, suffering from chronic constipation, and being overweight, you are at high risk of developing some of these hernias (except the umbilical hernia).

Improvement of Laparoscopic Hernia in Auckland

Based on the size of the hernia and the severity of the symptoms, you may not need treatment. Sometimes, you can treat symptoms by simply changing your food, avoiding heavy meals, and avoiding lying down after eating. However, if the hernia grows larger or causes you pain, it is best to have surgery.

Disturbing bulges can be repaired by repairing laparoscopic hernia by a trusted surgeon in Auckland. Using small cameras and mini surgical equipment, doctors can repair the hernia with just a few small incisions, less destructive to surrounding tissue than open surgery. To find out if Auckland hernia surgery can contact your local surgeon.

Hernia Repair

There are two ways of repairing the hernia, namely the improvement of open hernia and improvement of laparoscopic hernia. During the repair of a conventional open hernia, the surgeon makes an incision near your navel to access the hernia above the bulge. Repairing laparoscopic hernia is a less invasive procedure. The surgeon makes several smaller incisions around the location of the hernia bulge. Then, they inserted a long, thin tube with a lighted camera to one of the incisions. This tool is called laparoscopy. This allows the surgeon to see the abdominal cavity is on the video screen.

Open repair hernia is a gold standard for hernia repair. Under general anesthesia, skin fold incision is made in the crotch covering the bump. Hernia is identified and treated by isolating the peritoneal sac, reducing its contents, closing and removing excessive pouches and then gently putting the amplifier mesh in weak area. Muscles, fats and skin covered during this time.

The improvement of laparoscopic hernia has strong advocacy from some circles, the overall benefits are very thin. There are certain situations where the laparoscopic approach is better, and this is when the patient has a hernia on both sides. With a laparoscopic approach, the improvement of the inguinal hernia involves three small incisions and extensive abdominal wall surgery behind the hernia and more difficult pouch surgery.

Decisions about the exact type of hernia repair will be discussed with you and a decision will be made simultaneously. As is common with other surgeries, hernia surgery is also associated with certain complications such as discomfort and local stiffness, infection, damage to nerves and blood vessels, bruises, blood clots, wound irritation and urinary retention.


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