Cataract Surgery Astigmatism Correction

Cataract Surgery With Astigmatism Correction

Cataract surgery astigmatism correction uses Torik Lens which has a higher success rate to correct astigmatism and the results are more predictable as the basis for writing his article

Cataract Surgery Astigmatism Correction

Cataract Surgery Astigmatism Correction
Cataract Surgery Astigmatism Correction

According to the World Health Organization, Cataract is a major cause of blindness in the world. Cataracts occur when the natural lens fogs in your eyes. After the cataract is formed, the lens becomes increasingly blurry because the cataract interferes with the light entering your retina. You can have cataracts in one eye or both. Cataracts can occur at any age, but in general cataracts are considered part of the aging process.

Cataracts are a natural process. In the Indonesian dictionary, cataract is an eye disease that causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy. With the opacification of the lens inside the eye, cataracts can cause a decrease in vision. The lens of the eye is responsible for focusing the object clearly, if the lens is turbid, then the vision that was obvious becomes blurred and difficult. Cataracts can occur at any age, but with age, the likelihood of cataracts will also increase. When we were young, our lenses were usually like clear glass, allowing us to see it. As they get older they start to become frozen, like bathroom glass. The incidence of cataracts is even higher in those aged over 75 years. However, the good news about cataract treatments is very successful with the latest surgical techniques.

Astigmatism is a refractive error caused by an uneven curve in the cornea or eye lens. Astigmatism can also mean the cornea is more oval than a ball. Cornea is called the window of the eye. Cornea is called the window of the eye. Before reaching the lens of the eye, the light entering the eye must pass through the cornea first. Then, the light entering the eye continues to reach the retina which acts like a film on the camera to capture what we see. Astigmatism is an irregularity in the corneal arch (somewhat like a sway in a bowling ball) and this shake causes the image to be distorted when they reach the retina and make the view blurred. Sharing astigmatism can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Cataract patient with astigmatism who does not want to wear glasses to correct vision deficiency, implant Toric lenses can give him the desired freedom. Those who use Aspheric lens implants and choose Toric Aspheric lenses give them the optical clarity they want.

Torik lenses have a higher success rate to correct astigmatism, and the results are more predictable. In other words, someone has a better chance of getting rid of glasses after surgery. The torik lens improves the asymmetric strength of the eye using different meridians of different strengths. Cataract surgery using implants of the toric lens is very similar to cataract surgery that uses traditional lenses. The main difference is the importance of the lens, which is a correction of astigmatism. Before surgery, measurements must be taken so that the cataract surgeon can choose the most beneficial lens. Implants must be very specific to successfully improve astigmatism. Fortunately, the lens has a marker that allows the surgeon to place the lens correctly. After implanting, the lens is rotated so that it aligns correctly. Using a Toric lens implant does not increase the likelihood of complications of cataract surgery. If the lens is not aligned correctly, vision can become blurred. This is why a lot of care must be taken during lens placement. Since the introduction of the Toric lens, research has been carried out which shows a significant improvement in vision after cataract surgery. Toric lens implants have proven to be more effective than traditional astigmatism correction methods. In fact, one study showed that 94 percent of eyes receiving implants in Toric lenses had less astigmatism than before surgery. Studies have also been conducted that evaluate patient satisfaction. Many patients are very satisfied with what they see after undergoing surgery. One of the most prominent differences is the ability to see better when driving at night.


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