4 in 1 SIM Card adapter Storage Holder with 3 pcs Adapters + 1 Iphone Eject Pin tool as picture display.(Noting:NO Memory card) (Black 4 in 1)

  • iPhone USERS need these sim card adapter to convert nano sim to micro/standard sim or micro sim to standard sim and match to other cell phone based on iPhone unique SIM type.Meanwhile item is very useful for other brand cell phones to convert micro sim to standard sim card. Such as SAMSUNG SONY LG GOOGL HUAWEI MI NOKIA and so on
  • Easy to save,easy to use.This sim card adapter kit includes 3pcs sim card adapter,1pcs hard needle,1pcs PVC soft storage sheet.Because we frequently lost them,So we need this sheet to save sim card and adapter
  • Sim card adapter made of quality PC material, CNC carve, precision size, clear texture, thin basement membrane, durable, support bend over and over again.
  • Nano sim can be restored Micro sim or standard sim,then Nano sim will match all of mobile devices,Micro sim can be restored standard sim to match to standard sim mobile devices.
  • Noting:Don’t Place a blank SIM card adapter in cell phone,You should use it always with nano sim or micro sim together,it will help to avoid stuck

Product description

Color:Black 4 in 1

🍎🍭How to USE?
🍎🍭SIM card adapter / Converter kit allows to use Nano SIM for any device without problems and convert sim between sizes, It is reversible.

* Convert Nano Sim to Micro Sim card
* Convert Nano Sim to normal Sim card
* Convert Micro Sim to normal Sim card
* There is a thin film on the top to prevent leakage
* Easy take out or put in the sim card and eject pin
* Easy to storage carry depend on plastic sleeve, Don’t lose it.
* SIM card adapter live up to thousand times
* Fit perfect relied on Accurate size/ Quality material/ Precision carve

πŸ“πŸ’Package includes:
1x Nano to Micro Sim Card adapter
1x Nano to Standard Sim Card adapter
1x Micro to Standard Sim Card adapter
1x Steel Eject Pin
1x Plastic storage sleeve
3x Double sticker

* Micro SIM: 15*12mm
* Nano SIM: 12.30*8.80mm
* Standard SIM: 25.00*15.00mm (Standard SIM named Mini SIM too)

# Nano sim for iPhone 5\6\7\8\Next\New ipad
# Micro sim for iPhone 4s\old ipad\Samsung\Google\HTC\HUAWEI\SONY\LG\Other
# Normal sim for old phone\Samsung\Google\HTC\HUAWEI\SONY\LG\Other

Product information

Color:Black 4 in 1



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